Technology Impact (2030)

400 MWh
Energy Storage Sourced From Waste
100 MTons/Yr
Reduced Waste from Plastic/Grains/Sewage
150 Million Homes
Powered by Sustainable Energy Storage

>5MWh - Scalable and Affordable

Utility-Scale Energy Storage

CapyBara Energy is at the forefront of utility-scale energy storage, revolutionizing the way we harness and manage power for entire communities. Our advanced technology enables grid operators to efficiently store excess energy during low-demand periods and deliver it when needed most, ensuring grid stability and reliability. With sustainability at its core, our energy storage solutions reduce carbon emissions and promote a cleaner, greener future. When it comes to powering communities on a larger scale, CapyBara Energy leads the way in innovation and environmental responsibility.


Heavy Industry

CapyBara Energy is reshaping how heavy industry approaches energy use. Our innovative energy storage solutions, designed to meet the toughest industrial demands, bring efficiency and sustainability to the forefront. From fueling large-scale machinery to powering manufacturing processes, our robust and flexible systems guarantee a reduction in downtime from power outages in challenging environments. With our advanced supercapacitor technology, industries gain operational reliability and contribute to a greener footprint. CapyBara Energy stands at the crossroads of power and innovation, driving industries forward with smarter, eco-friendly energy solutions.

>10kWh Deployable - Rugged and Dependable

Military Energy Storage

CapyBara Energy is proud to support our military with advanced energy storage solutions designed for the most demanding missions. Our systems are rugged, dependable, and easily deployable, making them ideal for use by warfighters in the field, powering drones on extended missions, or enabling remote charging operations. With CapyBara Energy, the military gains a strategic advantage, ensuring a reliable power source in even the harshest environments. When mission success depends on energy, trust CapyBara Energy to deliver the power you need, where you need it, every time.

>10kWh - Clean Energy Propulsion

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Whether on or off-grid, our systems store energy from renewable sources like solar and wind, ensuring that EVs can run on the cleanest electrons available. Say goodbye to emissions and hello to a net-zero future with CapyBara Energy, where the road to sustainable transportation begins.

>10kWh - Safe and Recyclable


Our highly efficient, safe, and fully recyclable systems make it easier than ever for businesses and homeowners to take control of their energy needs. With CapyBara Energy, you can store surplus energy from renewables, like solar panels, and use it when the sun isn't shining. You can also draw and store energy from the grid during inexpensive, off-peak hours, and use it on-demand. Whether you're a small business looking to reduce electricity bills or a homeowner aiming for energy independence, our innovative solutions are tailored to meet your needs while promoting sustainability. Discover the future of energy storage with CapyBara Energy.

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