CapyBara Energy's Powering Forward Program

Advancing Energy Equity, One Electron at a Time


Welcome to CapyBara Energy’s Powering Forward Program – a dedicated initiative to harness the potential of clean energy for the global good. Our program leverages our technology to make an impact at two levels: on a human-to-human basis with our Community Power Partnership, and as a contributor to our collective future with our Science for Humanity Research Partnership.

The CapyBara Energy Community Power Partnership — harnessing the potential of clean energy to uplift underprivileged communities, and to tackle the challenge of energy access and affordability.

CapyBara’s supercapacitor is a transformative technology in two unprecedented ways: One, our tech uses no hazardous substances or conflict minerals, meaning they don’t harm the environment or the people living in it to be made or to be installed where you and your family live; and two, we do it for the lowest cost-per-stored-energy by an order of magnitude compared to competing energy storage technologies. This means that we can connect humans in every corner of the country to electricity, who have been left in the dark by the rising cost of energy or lack of access to reliable municipal power. The same people who struggle with energy affordability are also often those most directly impacted by dangerous industrial processes. Our technology, supplied at little to no cost through our program to the recipient, will never release dangerous byproducts like flammable carbonates or heavy metals into the local ecosystem.

Our Vision for Change

Powering Communities, Transforming Lives

Millions of Americans today face the stark reality of energy poverty, with over 30 million struggling to pay their electric bills. Our vision is clear—to bridge this gap, empower communities with reliable, sustainable power, and ensure no one is left in the dark.

How We Make a Difference

At CapyBara Energy, we recognize the importance of accessible, affordable energy for all. Here's how we're turning our commitment into action:

Brightening Futures

We partner with local organizations and community leaders to identify areas in need. Together, we install clean energy systems that provide consistent, cost-effective power to schools, community centers, and homes, ensuring better education, healthcare, and economic opportunities.

Creating Jobs and Opportunities 

By supporting us, you're not only investing in cleaner energy but also in job creation. We provide training and employment opportunities within the communities we serve, strengthening local economies and fostering growth.

Reliable Energy for Every Home

Through our Powering Forward Program which is funded by portions of every sale, we offer families in need access to renewable energy solutions. By choosing CapyBara Energy for your own power needs, you are enabling us to help power the homes of those who can't afford consistent access to electricity, ensuring every member of the community can keep the lights on.

Join Us in Lighting Up Lives

The CapyBara Science for Humanity Research Partnership — supplying the means to power not-for-profit scientific research efforts that aim to save and improve lives.

Examples of our work in this space include a mobile charging station for Tufts University’s machine-vision research enabling a Boston Dynamics robotic dog to perform human-assistive tasks.

A future endeavor is a solar-fed power storage installation to alleviate some of the environmental burden of the electrical-resource intensive computational infrastructure used to perform modeling of life-saving and life-improving processes in drug development and bioinformatics. Another project in our pipeline with implications for the future of all life on our planet is climate observation, powered in the field by CapyBara technology.

We are actively seeking partners in not-for-profit institutions, like academic laboratories doing cutting edge research to solve the hardest problems of our generation, to partner with us for their clean energy needs at little to no cost.


Your Support Matters

CapyBara Energy is paying it forward through the Powering Forward Program. We invite you to become a part of our energy equity movement by choosing CapyBara Energy for your energy storage needs. You're not just investing in your own energy future; you're directly contributing to brighter futures for communities in need, and powering the research initiatives seeking to do good for humankind.


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