CapyBara Energy Technology

At CapyBara Energy, we set the standard for how the world stores and utilizes energy. Our mission is to provide sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy storage solutions that address some of the most pressing challenges of our time. We understand that access to clean and long-lasting energy is not just a convenience; it's the cornerstone of a brighter, more sustainable future.

Our Approach

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Innovating Tomorrow, Today

Our journey begins with a fundamental belief—that energy storage should be both affordable and environmentally conscious. Our chemistry-agnostic approach allowed us to invent an aqueous supercapacitor technology that is not only cutting-edge but also adaptable to a wide range of applications.

Solving a Global Challenge

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The Climate Imperative

Climate change is a defining issue of our time, with greenhouse gas emissions contributing to rising temperatures, extreme weather events, and environmental degradation. To mitigate this, we must transition to renewable energy sources. However, renewables are inherently intermittent, making energy storage a critical component of the solution.

Our Impactful Solution

CapyBara Energy 10kwh module

CapyBara Energy 10KWh Long-Duration Energy Storage Module (2 to +100hrs)

Our flagship technology focuses on Long-Duration Energy Storage (LDES), offering a unique combination of performance, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Our LDES systems, featuring innovative aqueous-based supercapacitors that utilize waste carbon as the active material, can store energy for extended periods, ensuring a stable and uninterrupted power supply, even when renewables are not producing energy.

Environmental Stewardship

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Avoiding Conflict Minerals: Green Energy, Green Future

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond performance. By repurposing waste carbon as the active material, we eliminate the need for mining or conflict minerals, contributing to a cleaner planet and a more circular economy. With our aqueous-based supercapacitor technology, we are redefining energy storage's environmental impact.

Applications Across Industries

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Powering a Diverse World

Our technology is versatile, especially when it comes to power quality, serving a wide range of applications. From utility-scale energy storage that stabilizes the grid to commercial and residential systems that empower individuals, our solutions are designed to meet the energy needs of a diverse world and the diverse renewable energy generation systems. 

Join Us in Shaping Tomorrow

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Together Towards a Sustainable Future

By choosing CapyBara Energy, you're not just investing in an energy storage system; you're becoming a part of a global movement towards a sustainable future. Join us in reshaping the way the world stores, utilizes, and thinks about energy.

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Contact our team to learn more about how CapyBara Energy's innovative aqueous-based supercapacitor technology can power your future, contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable world, and redefine what's possible in energy storage. Together, we can create a brighter tomorrow.